High-Quality Custom-Made Shutters in Brisbane

If you want to improve your home’s appearance while making it a more comfortable place to live and boost its kerb appeal, you should consider investing in new custom-made shutters in Brisbane. Below, we discuss the benefits of our premium solutions in more detail. We’ll also provide you with some top tips on how to maintain them to help you save money.
Benefits of PVC Shutters in Brisbane

Our products are advantageous for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Protect your furniture from UV rays: Most people know that too much exposure to the sun can result in adverse health conditions, but many Brisbane residents don’t know that UV rays can also damage furniture and cause them to fade. If you want your sofas and chairs to retain their colour and attractive appearance, you might want to shelter them from the sun by installing our custom-made shutters.
  • Upgrade your home’s style: We stock a broad range of interior and exterior shutters that can enhance your property’s image. If you choose outdoor solutions, you can give your house’s resale value a boost. Choose indoor alternatives, and you can add new colours to your room and modernise its overall appearance.
  • Reduce your energy usage: Our Brisbane shutters add a layer of insulation to your windows, which could help you minimise your utility bills and carbon footprint. Our solutions can virtually pay for themselves within the space of a few years by helping you go greener and lower your running costs.


Tips Regarding PVC Plantation Shutters in Brisbane

Here are a few pointers you should remember to keep your shutters in top condition for as long as possible:


    • Keep them in good condition: Just like all things in this world, shutters require maintenance to remain functional and attractive. Fortunately, Thermalite puts up stiff resistance to corrosion and the elements, and cleaning our solutions is as straightforward as giving them a dust from time to time. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could fade the colours of your new shutters.
    • Choose a colour that will bolster your room’s appearance: You might want to add some new colours to your bedroom with shutters, or you may wish to choose colours that match your items of furniture, such as or cupboards or even window frames. If you need any recommendations regarding style, don’t hesitate to call our friendly professionals for assistance.
    • Invest in high-quality shutters in Brisbane: Instead of choosing the cheapest products you can find, purchase solutions that guarantee to remain intact for years with minimum-required upkeep. You can feel confident that we settle for nothing but the very best shutters for our clients, and we’ll install them correctly the first time to prevent issues from arising.

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We opened Sunshine Shutters over three years ago to provide Brisbane homeowners and businesses with premium products at highly competitive prices, and we aim to excel in customer service. Whether you need advice, want to book a home visit or order shutters over the phone, don’t hesitate to call our friendly professionals.

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