Oceanview Shutters

Outdoor Living can be enhanced with protection from sun, wind and rain, creating a space that can used all year round.

Ideal for creating a sheltered environment that increases your living area, providing an added level of security, warmth in winter and protection from the harsh Australian sun, our OceanView Range is our premium exterior product and represents an unsurpassed level of quality.

oceanview shutters

The most durable shutter. OceanView Shutters are the perfect solution for durability and security. High Tech Aluminium, Stainless and Composite Materials with Powder Coat and Baked Enamel paint finishes make OceanView Shutters unbreakable in everyday use. They won’t warp, crack or break like wood shutters and provide superior closure as the blades are straight and can’t warp or crack. Panel width up to 1200mm, and the ability to secure the panel with Keyed Locks gives the OceanView Shutter unique qualities and provide extra peace of mind.

Features & Benefits
  • 100% Australian produced and manufactured
  • The Alfresco and OceanView Aluminium louvre system is extruded from aluminium alloy 6063 and tempered to T5 as per Australian Standard AS2612:1997
  • Powder Coating is applied to a minimum of 60 microns and complies with Australian Standard AS 3715:2002
  • Available in over 150 Standard Dulux Colours, including colourbond colours
  • Anodised finishes are applied to a minimum of 15 microns and complies with Australian Standard AS 1231:2000
  • Operable blade sizes 90mm and 150mm elliptical louvre
  • Fixed blade sizes 50mm, 90mm and 150mm
  • All assembly and fixing screws and components are manufactured from stainless steel
  • We use nylon glass reinforced pivots which prevents maintenance issues usually associated with steel rollers and other rolling mechanisms.
  • The blades have been specifically designed and engineered to cope with the severe weather conditions found in Australia and have been developed to minimise noise and movement in high winds.
  • All blades and panel frames incorporate a high-quality hair felt providing a sealing point that minimises wind and rain effect in the closed position.
  • Glass bottom and vertical bladed bottom portions of shutters allow for total compliance to balcony and handrail requirements and regulations.
  • The strongest louvre frame and corners in the industry
  • External screws provide tension adjustment to the allow variations to operational tension when opening and closing blades.
  • Shore fix hinges stop hinge binding Stainless steel hinge pins and nylon bushers reduce squeaking and ease operational friction.
  • Unique blade design that eliminates whistle in the majority of applications.
  • Tested to N.A.T.A. Standards to conform to “LESS THAN 40 db of audible noise at 1 metre in the open, 45deg, and in the closed position. In fact the noise level was recorded at 6db
  • The louvre blades and clip system are rated to withstand loads of 100kg across a 1 metre span; they are the strongest domestic louvre on the market.
  • 34mm style and rail: slimline design perfect for in reveal installation
  • Maximum height 2700mm maximum width 1000mm
  • Flyscreens available
  • Our system is the only one on the market that has a neatly engineered blade lock that can be built into the blades and remain aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Blade locks to lock the blades closed or open
  • Variety of Design Options Available
  • Blades can be fixed in position or locked
  • Key locked flush bolts for added security
  • An extremely low maintenance pivot system designed to create an effortless sliding shutter, utilising top and bottom tracks, second to none
  • Top hanging system eliminates dirty track and roller problems common to bottom hung systems
  • Full custom sizes to fit all situations and balcony sizes
  • Use of outdoor areas in a range of weather conditions
  • Controls light, views and privacy from neighbours
  • Energy efficient, better insualting properties than timber.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Optomised passive solar contol by reducing heat and eliminating glare
  • Security – Protection Against Burglary and Vandalism
  • Sun Protection and Shading
  • Significantly Reduce Noise
  • Protection from Strong Winds and Flying Debris
  • Protection from high winds and inclement weather
  • Reduced risk of furniture damage
  • Protection from heavy rain, allowing the fun to continue
  • Safety for young kids playing unsupervised
  • Keep pets from roaming off
  • Suited to both domestic and commercial applications
  • Increased value of Property
  • Street Appeal & Aesthetic Improvement
Suited to many locations
  • Fixed panels – ideal privacy screens
  • Sliding panels – ideal for balconies and decks
  • Stacking panels – perfect solution for hiding away the shutters
  • Hinged panels – great for covering windows
  • BiFold panels – Enhance any balcony, patio or deck area
Design Flexability
  • Blades can be installed vertical or horizontally
  • Multi tracking configurations allow inflexible design constraints to be overcome
  • Blades installed in the top half of the panel and glass in the bottom half or visa versa

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