Thermalite Shutters

The Thermalite material has been in the Australian market for over 20 years and is a well trusted and proven performer. Thermalite has been of installed in thousands of homes, business, hotels and resorts around Brisbane the Gold Coast and beyond, and we are very proud of our track record and reputation.

All Thermalite Shutters are manufactured in Brisbane, from the very best materials available.


To reduce the weight of the product and to provide added stability in the absence of a grain, aluminium louvre inserts are used in wider panels. Vertical stability is also provided with aluminium reinforcing in each side of the panel.

Because they are manufactured to your precise specifications, you can rest assured that they will be exactly what you require and will be a perfect fit for your windows. Thermalite and the components used in each and every shutter have been chosen to withstand the extreme heat that we experience in Queensland and throughout Australia.

Features & Benefits
  • 100% Australian, manufactured in Sumner Park, Queensland
  • Thermalite has the traditional plantation look with the distinctive appeal of a plantation shutter but with the innovation of the patented Polymer Foam
  • With a 20 year warranty backed by a manufacturer who has been in business for over 30 yrs and always in Brisbane you can sleep knowing that Thermalite shutters will never crack, warp, shrink, peel or discolour.
  • Manufactured from Polymer Foam thermalite shutters are guaranteed to outlast the competition
  • A simple wash with soap and water every now and again will keep your Thermalite shutters looking like the day the were installed.
  • Ultraclear patented internal tension bar ensures that your Thermalite shutters will always operate as good as the first day they were installed
  • Ultraclear has no visible control rod providing an uninterrupted view. Ultraclear uses a hidden system that ensure Shutters will always open and close easily, connectors won’t break, and shutters are able to be cleaned easily whilst looking good.
  • Thermalite shutters reduce the heat coming in and going out, keeping your home cooler and reducing your energy bills
  • Produced from nontoxic recycled material Thermalite is safe hygienic and clean
  • Due to its flame-resistant properties Thermalite is a fire retardant as it self-extinguishes and is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Water resistant Thermalite is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and any wet area applications as it will not swell, warp or crack.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled material Thermalite is environmentally friendly.
  • Being a Polymer minor dent can usually be “warmed out”
  • 100% Termite proof
  • Aluminium reinforced blades to provide structural support for wider panels
  • Thermalite has a 25 year warranty on Thermalite products including workmanship and labour
  • Controls light, views and privacy from neighbours
  • Energy efficient, better insualting properties than timber.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Optomised passive solar contol by reducing heat and eliminating glare
  • Sun Protection and Shading
  • Significantly Reduce Noise
  • Reduced risk of furniture damage
  • Suited to both domestic and commercial applications
  • Increased value of Property
  • Street Appeal & Aesthetic Improvement
Suited to many locations
  • Custom Made Thermalite range of Plantation Shutters are custom made to suits your needs
  • Fixed Shutters are excellent at providing a screening option when you do not require access.
  • Hinged Shutters can be configured to suit all types of spaces and are excellent for medium to small windows.
  • Sliding Shutters are fantastic for wide, open areas and are a great option when treating sliding doors.
  • Bi-Folding Shutters are really versatile and help to create a spacious look in your home. This design will suit most window widths and heights.
Design Flexability
  • Blades can be installed vertical or horizontally
  • Multi tracking configurations allow inflexible design constraints to be overcome
  • Blades installed in the top half of the panel and glass in the bottom half or visa versa

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